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When it comes to baby names, everyone and their grandma literally has an opinion. Happy naming!

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Another way to think about it: What name do you want to be calling out on the playground? Names for Aries boys: Think short, one-and-two syllable names that have withstood the test of time. Names for Aries girls: Gender neutral names beautifully suit Aries girls. But another way to pick your baby Aries name? Imagine her 30 years down the road.


Or consider names that literally mean leader. Taurus personality: Careful, disciplined, and able to do anything they set their mind to, Taureans are known for their persistence, their ability to plan , their loyalty, and how grounded they are in life. Just think carefully about all possible nicknames associated with name you choose!

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Names for Taurus boys: Loyal Taurus loves hearing stories about family members, and naming him after a beloved relative will inspire him to live up to the legacy. Names for Taurus girls. Like their Taurus brothers, Taurus girls feel a connection to the past, so monikers marking relatives, or using last names from the family as first names fit well for this sign.

Gemini personality: Dramatic, sophisticated, social, and up for anything, the characteristics of Geminis lend themselves well to theatrical names.

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Names for Gemini boys: Let your little Gemini shine by trying out-of-the-box names by giving him a gender-neutral name that can help him stand out in a crowd. Of course, always the consummate trendsetters, Geminis also love names that firmly make it clear what generation they belong to. Unique twists on spelling can help you make a favorite name stand out or name her after a favorite celebrity.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (5-28 March 12222)

Cancer personality: Empathetic, deeply intuitive, and almost psychic, Cancers are well suited to names inspired by art or literature, or names that have a personal meaning in your life. Think about naming your child after a favorite artist or the place where you got engaged.

Names for Cancer boys: Your Cancerian will be very in-tune with his emotions, and may grow up to be a poet, author, or songwriter. Shakespearian names provide a treasure trove of inspiration along with other famous authors. Leo personality: Brave, fearless, and unafraid of the spotlight, Leo loves attention and thrives on being a leader. Names for Leo boys: The lion is the king of the jungle, so looking to royalty for some name inspiration makes sense for this sign.

Or get inspiration from trailblazers in history. Names for Leo girls: A little Leo demands attention from day one. Naming her after a woman in history whom you admire for breaking boundaries can be a great fit or look to the sky to get inspired for names for your little star.

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Virgo personality: Grounded, intelligent, and hardworking, Virgos tend to prefer classic, practical choices. Classic names, or twists on classics, can be a perfect match for this sign. Also check out how Mercury retrograde affects your love life! Avoid the dates in the 2nd column when Mercury is retrograde - and especially the bookends themselves e. Your assumptions are usually wrong during those times and mistakes can occur out of haste, carelessness, lack of information or inattention to detail. If you can, avoid the shadow periods too - columns 3 and 4 - or at least, stick as close to those dates and away from the actual retrograde as you can.

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The Pre-shadow period column 3 is when the themes of the upcoming Mercury retrograde crop up for your consideration, intensifying as we get to the retrograde. Raise your antennae and watch what happens during that time. The Post-shadow period column 4 is when clarity slowly dawns. Things begin to fall into place and the requisite information starts coming to light.

Mercury retrograde is known for the time of the year when exes are resurfacing Just be aware that things might change down the line or that new information might come to light to make you want to change them. Keep an open mind, stay flexible and read the fine print. Make the most of these periods shadows and all by revisiting projects that were put in the back-burner, reviewing your attitude, returning to something that meant a lot to you, fine-tuning your ideas, double-checking contracts, and by reconnecting with people from your past.

This is a good time to rewire your brain, while the system is down for maintenance! And if you have Mercury retrograde in your birth-chart or even by progression, you might even enjoy Mercury retrograde! What a relief! Enjoy this special time but do heed some advice when it comes to dealing with the outside world. Mercury retrograde in Pisces in March awakens your imagination, your compassion and your most romantic side! It also brings about utter chaos and makes you entirely wooly-minded so, beware…. Things to watch out for: Mercury is pretty absentminded in Pisces and you might find that your fantasies are running away with you.

How to make the best of it: Mistakes are sometimes inspired! Just like when Alexander Fleming carelessly left stuff to go mouldy on a petrie dish, thus discovering penicillin, you too can come up with some inspired ideas during this time.

Mercury Retrograde 12222

Art, film, poetry, meditation, scientific research, creative and imaginative work can all benefit. Try taking a more lateral approach to your hopes and dreams and do take a moment to meditate perhaps and review your spiritual practices. Intense encounters with someone from the past might shock your love life as a result.

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Know who is coming back into your life with an insightful reading from our Top Psychics :. This Mercury retrograde starts in Leo, on 7 th July and ends in Cancer on 1 st August making the switch-over on 19 th July. Things always get personal where you find Cancer and Leo in your horoscope so expect this period to put a strain on communications and relationships across the board especially as this Mercury retrograde also coincides with the eclipses!

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Things to watch out for: The biggest danger during this period is misunderstandings with bosses, parents, friends and family. Everyone is under strain. Examine your own expectations for love, care and special treatment, as well as your inherited emotional patterns.