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Srinivas jiI have been working on a comprehensive software for " Sarvatobhadra-Chakra" calculations for some time now. In this process, I learned some basics of SBC from various sources.

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The software is almost complete. To exactly quantify the results, thus achieved, it also considers planet's exaltation, dignity etc. I have developed this software for "personal use" only. I am still in the learning process. However, it would be my pleasure to share my learnings whatever they are till now with other learned members of this group.

If there are any specific question on SBC, and if I know their answers, I would most happily share them here. Kansal ji, Continuing on my previous email request on Sarvatobhadrachakra Guests 1 Is it possible to write how different is this method vis-a-vis traditional parashara system, in broad. Kindly do some post on above lines as time permits Srinivas jiThank you very much for giving me the starting point for discussion in this group about Sarvatobhadrachakra.

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I will try my best, with my limited knowledge about SBC, to answer your questions, as the time perm its. Best regards,Shyam S.


Kansal ji, Continuing on my previous email request on Sarvatobhadrachakra 1 Is it possible to write how different is this method vis-a-vis traditional parashara system, in broad. I have no clue as to where the technique has its origins, but I've tried to follow what has been given in Jatak Bharnam.

Since it's quite cumbersome to apply the technique, we fall prey to shortcuts and hardly ever use it. It is indeed worth taking up and I thank you for launching the good work.

If mr. What our rishis found with their divya drishti All the best Weak Moon and afflicted Mercury are also considered malefic. Whether his venture will go on the right track etc. The legendary astro-trader from Chicago, W. Gann, came to India about years ago and lived in "Kashi" for two years.