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In the same light, it is the Moon, the planet of reaction, that links to your sensitive, nurturing and intuitive qualities. More so than any of the other Pisces Decans, your combination of planetary powers makes you emotional and sensitive. You have always experienced emotions strongly and at times, you are just as effected by the emotions of others. While your tendency to take on the burdens of others is a testament to your compassion, it can become detrimental if you do not make an effort to address your own needs.

Here is your horoscope for March 8, 12222

Never lose your kind-hearted nature or your ability to see the best in people, as this is one of your greatest strengths. A Pisces born on March 8 is a fascinating combination of cynic and mystic.

They have a deep psychic consciousness, and they may prefer to spend their time pursuing humanitarian aims. Though able to see the best in humankind, they are distrustful in personal relationships.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Each day brings a host of new opportunities and circumstances. But preparing for what's in store for you will always keep you ready for the best and the worst situations. If you want to know what the day has in plan for you, check out the free astrology prediction for all zodiac signs right here. Carry the peace sign if you have to, because today, people will literally pull you into arguments. You could even be facing some kind of litigation or trouble with peace-keeping forces, warns Ganesha.

Meditate, walk, or simply seek the company of friends and loved ones. Fortune favours the brave and you will wake up feeling gutsy.

March 8 Birthday Horoscope - March 8th Zodiac Sign Personality

Your performance will peak today and you will reap the benefits of real estate and construction business. Your peers and boss will extend all the support you need. All in all, a day to bask in the glory of advantages and awards.

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You will think about the issues faced by other people as well as about increasing your social standing and elevating your social esteem. It is an extremely profitable day for those in the retail business and hence make the most of it, says Ganesha. Today, you may focus your entire attention on your relationships — your ties with your parents, spouse, children, siblings and even neighbours.

However, all that effort and energy may not get its due, and you may get a cold response from one or more of your relatives. Still there is no reason to lose heart.

Daily horoscope for March 8: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY

Ganesha feels that they will come around some other day. You will be in a light-hearted mood today. Be it at the office or at the home, you will be full of joy and will be looking to pass your time lesiurely. You will spend time with family and friends. You will be unable to implement your plans for tackling work today in your current mood, says Ganesha.

Daily Horoscope: March 8th to March 9th

Razor-sharp and aesthetic to the last cell in your body, entertain and enthral people with your guile, especially at a social do, says Ganesha. But conserve that zest and save the time to pay due attention to matters of supreme importance, warns Ganesha. Your instincts are at their peak today. Generally, this means a lot of good, but for you, it may also mean having to put up with the trouble of small things bothering you in a big way.

So, it becomes highly important for you to remain balanced and focused.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Do so and you may produce wonderful results at work, and also look forward to raking in the money from various sources, says Ganesha. Ganesha predicts today will be a day full of focus and a clear thought process. The clarity of thought you have has been acquired over a period of time, says Ganesha, and that could make all the difference. A crisp application of thoughts to ideas and actions will bring much appreciation from bosses and peers.

Life is bubbling within you and you shall be in a hyper-elevated state of bliss today. Your high-spirits and energy will inspire you to perform at your best.

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