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The film will be helmed by Radha Mohan. The film is touted to hit the big screens on February 9.

Suriya and Jyothika are proud parents as son Dev wins national Karate championship

Here are some performances that contributed to the story. Photos: Nivin Pauly thanks Suriya, Jyothika for visiting the sets of his Kayamkulam Kochunni Suriya said director Rosshan Andrrews is like a family to him while thanking him for inviting to visit the sets of Kayamkulam Kochunni, which has Nivin Pauly in the lead. Load More. Five reasons to watch Jyothika starrer Naachiyaar Naachiyaar is an upcoming Tamil action-drama written, produced and directed by Bala.

The film stars Jyothika, G. Prakash Kumar and Ivana. From Thupparivaalan to Kathalo Rajkumari, these movies will hit screens down south Around six movies - four Tamil and two Telugu movies are releasing this weekend. Anjaneyulu He meets with Anjali, an employee with Airtel, and both dramatically fall in love. While investigating corrupt politicians, he comes across evidence and decides to join the gang of a gangster named Bada. Still involved in gathering evidence, his world will come crashing around him when he will be told that his parents and many others have been killed after their bus was torched by hooligans.

He sets out to also trace who was responsible behind their killing - not knowing that his life is also in danger. Loukyam It is produced by V. Anand Prasad on Bhavya Creations banner. Aata Sri Krishna Siddharth grows up watching films playing in the theater in which his father works as a movie-projectionist in a village. Satya Ileana is harassed by Vicky Munna - son of a politician - who wants to marry her.

Satya escapes from home and Sri Krishna falls in love with her the first time he meets her. As the goons and police chase Satya, Sri Krishna protects her and drops her in the house of the politician.

Mom told me to have money so I can walk out of an unhappy relationship: Jyothika | The News Minute

Then, he plays a one sided game with him. At the end, the police that were working with Vicky turn against him and arrest Vicky and his parents. Satya and Sri Krishna get married. I'm No Angel The bold Tira works as dancing beauty and lion tamer at a fair.

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Out of an urgent need of money, she agrees to a risky new number: she'll put her head into a lion's muzzle! With this attraction the circus makes it to New York and Tira can persue her dearest occupation: flirting with rich men and accepting expensive presents. Main Tera Hero This love story begins with the mischievous, clever, charming, a daredevil and the HERO who falls in love with Sunaina. So walks in Angad the corrupt cop, who wants to forcibly marry Sunaina and to make things more spicy also does Ayesha who is madly in love with our Hero.

A massy entertaining romantic drama ensues, which takes our Hero from the mountainous Ooty, to the fun college campus of Bangalore, and then to a beautiful mansion, in gorgeous Thailand. First Love In this reworking of Cinderella, orphaned Connie Harding is sent to live with her rich aunt and uncle after graduating from boarding school. She's hardly received with open arms, especially by her snobby cousin Barbara.

When the entire family is invited to a major social ball, Barbara sees to it that Connie is forced to stay home. With the aid of her uncle, who acts as her fairy godfather, Connie makes it to the ball and meets her Prince Charming in Ted Drake, her cousin's boyfriend. Love, Wedding, Marriage A happy newlywed marriage counselor's views on wedded bliss get thrown for a loop when she finds out her parents are getting divorced.

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Vampire in Brooklyn Maximillian, the lone survivor of a race of vampires, comes to Brooklyn in search of a way to live past the next full moon. His ticket to survival is Rita, a NYPD detective who doesn't know she's half vampire -- and Maximillian will do whatever's necessary to put her under his spell. Adrenaline Drive A gas leak explosion at a yakuza hideout provides a shy nurse and a rental car clerk with the opportunity to take a briefcase full of money.

A cross-country chase ensues. Thirteen Women Thirteen women who were schoolmates send to a swami for their horoscopes. Little do they realize that Ursula, a half-breed Asian, is using her hypnotic powers over the swami and them to lead them or their families to their deaths. It seems that she too went to their school, but was forced to leave by their bigotry, and is exacting revenge. Will she be stopped in time to save Laura's son, Bobby?

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Bhagyavan Sreenivasan gets a horoscope reading that he will be a big good luck charm. The only problem is the reading also says that he will be lucky to everyone else and wont be able to captilize on it benefit himself. Jesus Christ's Horoscope Jancso emphasizes highly evocative and ambiguous imagery over dialog or exposition. Here he seems primarily interested in showing the painful, stunted lives of Hungary's intellectuals, who are shown as remaining silent and ineffectual during various political crises. There are several action sequences involving chases and shootouts, but since there's no clear narrative we're not sure how they relate to each other or to anything else.

The film is, however, visually fascinating, with shots of police cars, horses, and naked bodies juxtaposed and extensive use of multiple video imagery. Dam After many years two mariners return to homeland with the hope of a new beginning, little did they know about a disaster that would change their destiny. Manichitrathazhu A young couple, Ganga Shobana and Nakulan Suresh Gopi , arrives at the ancestral home tharavadu called Madampalli of the latter. Hailing from a family that follows tradition and superstitions, Nakulan's uncle Thampi Nedumudi Venu objects to the couple's idea of moving into the allegedly haunted mansion, which Nakulan ignores.

The couple moves in anyway following which seemingly supernatural events begin to happen. Sign of the Lion Grill Point In the style of a documentary this tragic comedy tells the story of a relationship crisis between two married couples and their longing to break out of their miserable daily lives.


In this East German post-wall movie Andreas Dresen introduces the sad everyday life of two couples from Frankfurt an der Oder in a honest and tolerable manner. The Man with Icy Eyes A state senator is murdered outside his home, and the police arrest a strange man described as having "icy eyes" for the crime.

An Italian reporter finds a stripper who claims to have been an eyewitness to the assassination and saw the man with the icy eyes commit it. At his trial she testifies against him, and he's sentenced to death. However, the reporter soon begins to find holes in the stripper's story, and other circumstances arise which makes him believe that the wrong man may have been convicted. The Annunciation So Lucifer grants Adam a dream of the world to come. Guided by a deceptively sweet but ultimately contemptuous Lucifer, Adam confronts an endless procession of the horror of the human story Sister Mary Explains It All As Sister Mary delivers a lecture on sin and its consequences, she's interrupted by several of her former students, who have little positive to say about how a Catholic education has impacted their lives.

Matrubhoomi A woman, attended by two midwives, is giving birth in a small village in India. When the child's cry rings, the father bangs on a steel plate to attract the attention of all the villagers, Lady Zee A tragic comedy about an orphan girl who knows nothing better than the animal way but at the end comes to realize her only chance - to be human. Pestonjee They attempt to do everything together, and they hope that they will marry the same day as well.

Unfortunately, both go to see the same young lady, Jeroo Shabana Azmi , and Pestonjee ends up getting married to Jeroo. Phirojshah has been stricken by Jeroo's beauty and decides not to marry, and takes a transfer away from the couple. During the years, he keeps in touch with the couple by mail. While on a visit to the couple, he finds out that Pestonjee has a mistress, and Jeroo does not know of this.

How will this effect Phirojshah's friendship with Pestonjee? Does Phirojshah stand a chance with Jeroo? Murder in Coweta County Wallace a wealthy landowner in Meriwether County, Georgia, has virtually unlimited power in the county, including having the sheriff under his control. When he murders a share cropper he thinks that he is powerful enough to get away with it.

Because the act of murder took place in Coweta County, it is under the jurisdiction of the Coweta County sheriff who hunts the murderer without trepidation. Adhurs All My Sons All My Sons tells the story of Joe Keller, a successful, middle-aged, self-made man who has done a terrible and tragic thing: during World War II, rushing to meet an order from the Army, he knowingly sold them defective airplane parts which later caused the planes to crash and killed 21 men. He framed his business partner for this crime and engineered his own exoneration; now, his son is about to marry the partner's daughter, the affair is revisited, and his lie of a life is unraveled.

Joe has spent his entire life in the single-minded pursuit of wealth for the sake of his family, an American Dream gone nightmarishly awry; this is a story about responsibility: Joe and his generation must understand that the boys he killed--all the boys in the War--were his sons, too. Dom Free adaptation of Machado de Assis' "Dom Casmurro". Bento marries an actress, and soon afterwards she gets pregnant. Then, he begins to suspect the child isn't his, but his best friend's. Aaptharakshaka The story starts off with an ancient painting of Nagavalli Vimala Raman , distributed as a prize to bharathanatyam dancer Saraswathi Lakshmi Gopalaswamy , her husband and her family.

All strange incidents happen as the family called for a snake charmer to the house, but the snake charmer had died when he attempted to make the serpent appear.

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Projections A group of trainee therapists come together for their regular group psychotherapy session, but when their normal routine is disrupted, events take an unexpected direction: as their professional masks start to slip, long repressed personal tensions soon bubble to the surface. Twins Julius and Vincent Benedict are the results of an experiment that would allow for the perfect child. Julius was planned and grows to athletic proportions.