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As the first sign in the zodiac circle, Aries has a youthful, childlike energy that needs to be released in a healthy way. Look for a practical backpack for their many adventures; athletic accessories for their latest workout obsession; or a gift card for bungee jumping or zip-lining through the jungle on their next exotic trip.

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Tauruses appreciate the finer things in life. Everything they own has to feel good and look even better. As an earth sign, Taurus is very attentive to details, so regifting or offering them a cheap knockoff is an absolute no-no. A Taurus is also very tactile, so look for something that appeals to the five senses, like a sumptuous fabric—velvet, silk, cashmere—or a savory food basket to munch on. Geminis are quick thinkers and follow trends just as quickly as they come up with new ideas.

Cancers are the true introverts of the zodiac. They crave security and are very home-oriented. Anything that makes their home a more comfortable place or that they can wear to lounge around is an ideal present for a Cancer. Julia B.


So it comes as no surprise that these personality traits are reflected in their fashion tastes. Anything sparkly, impractical, and attention-grabbing is exactly what a Leo craves! Try a pair of animal-print tights, a bold scarf, or a bouquet of roses to make them feel special. Virgos are workaholics, so everything from their job to their love life has to serve a purpose. It only makes sense that their gifts should be this practical, too. Libras are drawn to all things beautiful, and most of what they own is influenced by travel and art.

As an air sign, Libra is more concerned with the bigger picture in life, often skimming over the practical everyday details. A suitcase or portable phone charger for their upcoming vacation or an item of clothing with a quirky twist is perfect for the loving Libras in your life.

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With Pluto as its ruling planet, Scorpio is all about uncovering the darker side of life and finding the greater truth in things. However, Scorpios like to disguise their watery, emotional natures behind a tough exterior of all-black clothing and accessories.

Thank you. I turn my Life around. E-mail this website link-address to like-minds. Total determination is capital. Possibly OCT 14 to 26 : What could happen? You stand to benefit. I am organized, consistent, reliable, and persistent. I have a clear vision of the goals I want to reach. I focus on projects that are simple and doable. I develop greater self-confidence.

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I am getting better organized. I rethink my plans. I reorganize my priorities. I explore the most practical options. I bring stability in my Life. I do the right things to my advantage. I focus on what I enjoy most; on what I can do best.

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I am becoming a more satisfied and happier person. What I firmly believe, I can create. Your future is now if you contact astro-psychic MARC. Be kindly generous as we are. The person I have become, more competitive, bears little resemblance to the person I had been.

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I communicate more easily. I play an essential role in the community. Thank you Marc. MARC wastes no time in getting to the point. Astrology comes alive via a lively writing style.

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  5. I have found them very precise and accurate. The overall effect is rather convincing. I always come to your website to read my horoscope. Very detailed and always on-point. Marc's passion for his work and compassion for others shines through. Mentally see the objectives you want to materialize. Your next step is to clearly formulate and recite assertive affirmations of what you want to happen in your Life. Trust Life. What do you think?

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    I would like to read your emailed comments and feedback so that I can provide you with more first class insight, useful tips. Bright colors, paintings and mirrors on a wall help too. Plain common sense. More suggestions? Bring into your living space natural materials such as straw, cotton, solid wooden furniture, stone or wood sculptures, big plants, ceramics and similar objects that are conducive to pleasurable vibes.

    So, go ahead and materialize it. Good Fortune. To attract abundance, display flowering plants such as orchids, tiger lilies.

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    Put some Quartz Crystals near the plants. True Dynamo these stones are. Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy. Use live plants as much as possible because they enhance chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems, they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha into positive chi. To circulate and spread Good Fortune, use live plants and quartz crystals to help chi flow throughout your house and workplace.

    To improve the core essence of your daily existence, make your environment attractive and comfortable. It is much preferable to work in a space filled with natural lighting surrounded by fresh plants with your back away from the entrance door. Bright colors, paintings and mirrors on the wall of a clutter-free office do help too. Red Tiger Lotus or Lilies. Also, acquire 6 quartz crystals, one for each corner of your house or apartment, put the fifth quartz crystal next to your computer and the 6th crystal next to your phone base.

    By sharing and spreading True selfless and unconditional Compassionate Loving Kindness. By being kinder to your Self and more patient with your Self, by loving your body you amplify Joy and expand the Love you want to share with others.