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No big deal. This is the real deal, but beware of codependency. Venus conjuncts the sun, sextiles Chiron, and squares Uranus. A healing one. A sexually exciting one. Stay strong. To giving your person the power to define your worth. When you do this, you neglect to realize your own personal power. So if you want this one to last, stay fierce. While their union peaked last weekend, their combined energy is still flowing and supporting you!

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Your thoughts affect your experience. When you let your fears overtake you, your intuition is turned off and you become out of step with the cosmic flow that leads you to all things wonderful. Close your eyes and feel where you are right now. Everything is okay. Stay present.

Your September 12222 Monthly Horoscope

Stay here. This weekend is full of adventure. The time for hard work is coming, so you might as well enjoy this time. Though be careful not to overindulge — financially or sexually.

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But there are consequences. You want your freedom to roam, and partnership can feel a bit suffocating.

Sagittarius Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading - Horoscope - WEEK 03 - JANUARY 14 - 20

If you let life unfold and let yourself absorb this lesson, then your partnership will grow stronger. Your ruler Uranus is being asked to do a lot of work right now by Venus, Pluto, and the sun, and Mercury and Saturn are coming together to help you out. How you see yourself is expanding. Specifically, how you understand your need for freedom is expanding.

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What does independence mean to you? What will happen if you lose some of your autonomy? Explore these questions to better understand your rebellious nature and to clarify the next steps forward in your relationship. This is a bit of an oxymoron — two contradictory energies that you have to learn to balance. The part of you that wants to explore and learn new things can disconnect you from your spiritual truth—which is that you already possess so much knowledge and the ability to travel just by standing still.

But by turning to romance, you will heal the part of you that struggles to trust your own wisdom. Spend time with your partner or create some romance all by yourself. Buy yourself roses. Scatter the petals in a bath. Pour some wine. Light candles. Put on some sexy lingerie for you. Love Lesson : Turn up the romance to tune into your worth. Virginia teaches you how to harness your intuitive powers, choose your most purposeful work, create nourishing boundaries, and attract your ideal partner.

She utilizes tools and techniques acquired over years of working with energy, science, astrology, tarot, yoga, meditation, and more! She helps you remember just how free and powerful you really are.

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Are you ready for you most magical, meaningful life? Connect with Virginia now and discover more! Try new things. Meet new people. Go on a day trip.

Venus is rooted in Earth, and Mars is swimming in water. Romance is about experience. Air, the element that rules your thoughts, is taken out of the equation, and this leads you to see things differently. This shift in perspective is further guaranteed by Mercury conjuncting Saturn. Want a sneak peek into ? Find out what to expect right now with your premium horoscope!

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You want to keep things moving—not just in your internal world but outside as well. You want tangible action, and this weekend inspires plenty of it. I see you going out and partying and probably having a little too much fun. You risk being a tad selfish. Love Lesson: Take note of what you feel when you fall back into old patterns. Your version of exploring the unknown is much more likely to include a meditation retreat than staying up past your bedtime at the local bar.

Slowing down together is even better. Passion Prediction:. This energy is seriously grounding. All of your bubbly, fun Gemini-ness will be brought down to earth, and there may be some sadness that comes with this.

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It feels a bit like a buzzkill to your usual excited state — but ultimately, this aspect is incredibly freeing. It trines Uranus and pushes you to express yourself authentically and for you and you alone. This helps you remove any masks. What matters is being yourself. And removing masks and getting vulnerable is exactly where you need to be to form a real, loving connection. They may not even be your own. This is a time to check in with your boundaries. Do you use sex and romance to boost your ego and make you feel special and worthwhile?

Do you live for the flattery? I understand the allure. But guess what?